Monday, March 28, 2011

Daily Goals

I am working with Chase on a project about dreams. We are going to try to attempt to control our dreams and find out what is dreaming. We are just going to overall study every aspect of dreams.

Monday, March 21, 2011

End of Day

Did I achieve my goals today? No because I had to leave school at 11 to go to Bart so I lost time.
Do I need to finish anything at home before Wednesday? Everything!
What are my next steps? Work on my Project still.
I think I was below my expectations for the day but I think I can exceed at home.

March 21, 2011

  • What are your goals for today?
My goals are to start my project and finish half of it. I have not started the project yet so I need to get a lot done. I also need to finish reading my book. 
  • What is your plan for getting today’s work done?
I dont have plans, I just know I need to get it done. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7, 2011

  • What are some of your possible project ideas? Prezi, timeline, movie, posters.
  • How do you feel about getting started on this next project? I feel good because I like my topic. 
  • Did you achieve your goals today? why or why not? I did achieve my goals today because I took myself away from obstacles. I also worked really well. 

Daily Goals

1) I want to finish up my standard 5 paper.
2) Work on project planning form.
next project***
I think my next project will be on Sports Injuries. I am not sure what my essential question will be but I know the topic.

March 7, 2011

  • How was the OHpedia project important to you?
  • How did your expectations of what you could do as a learner change throughout this project?
  • In what ways did you become more persistent or tolerant throughout the process?
  • What satisfied you most about this project?
  • What things about this project really matched your style of learning?
  • What will you always remember about this project?
The project was important to me because I felt like I learned a lot more in the project then the one before. Hunter and I worked really well together and felt like it was a really productive project. I definately understood the concept much better than the previous project. My expectations are to be able to understand the concept not for just a test or a month but for a long time. I wish I had a test after to make sure I knew it but not just memorize the info for the test. I became more tolerant because Hunter and I had completely different schedules and were in different time zones. Some days she was snowboarding or having dinner at a different time. So we had to come up with times that would suit both of us. The thing that most satisfied me during this project is that I knew I had a reliable partner. I knew she would do the things she needed to do to complete her tasks. I will always remember Hunter and I thinking we were the power group. We were always thinking ours had to be the best and would challenge each other and compete with each other to do better!